Student Activities and Clubs

St. 凯特的 学生 cheer at an orientation event on campus
A Million Ways to Get Involved

We want you to have a rich student experience. You'll have abundant opportunities for involvement through events, 活动, 俱乐部, 学术丰富.

St. 凯特的 学生 pose with an Instagram prop at the annual 活动 fair
Student Center and Activities

Student Center and Activities (SCA) office contributes to our vibrant campus life by igniting and encouraging opportunities for student engagement. We empower 学生 to create and connect to the St. 凯特的社区. 来看看js345金沙城娱乐场线路!

First-generation 学生 club meeting
Clubs and Student Organizations

体验个人成长, 认识新朋友, share common interests with other 学生, and have some fun outside of the classroom! With more than sixty 俱乐部 and organizations chartered at St. 凯特的, you’re sure to find a group that’s right for you.


Multicultural and International Programs and Services

在圣. Kate’s, we are fortunate to have a wonderfully diverse student body. Multicultural and International Programs and Services, 也被称为MIPS, provides a robust educational and co-curricular support that helps 学生 of all backgrounds thrive.

Multicultural and International Programs and Services


的 Abigail Quigley McCarthy 妇女中心 sponsors research and action projects addressing diverse women's concerns, brings people together for difficult dialogues, and builds a 社区 of 教师 and student scholars working on issues of race, class, 性别, 还有其他区别.

Abigail Quigley McCarthy 妇女中心

St. 凯特的 honors 学生 Zaynab Abdi and Alma Silver
Antonian Scholars and Honor Societies

Aspire to become part of an honor society, earn a spot on the Dean’s List, or apply for the Antonian Scholars Honors Program.



每年春天,. js345金沙城娱乐场线路 hosts the 荣誉及颁奖典礼 to honor student achievement in academics and leadership. 的 event begins with a reception that includes displays highlighting student award winners' accomplishments. This is followed by a formal program, which allows individual departments and the University as a whole to present awards recognizing student achievement.

Among the many honors bestowed at the ceremony, the University recognizes 学生 through the All-University Student Leadership Awards. 的se awards recognize 学生' contributions to co-curricular and academic life at St. 凯特的, their growth in leadership roles, and their involvement in campus life.

Learn more about our 荣誉及颁奖典礼


Some of our 学生’ most beloved campus events are organized through SCA and student organizations, 包括:

  • 活动公平, 每年秋天举行, is the best way to learn about 俱乐部 to join, 即将来临的事件, 和校园活动.

  • 慈善舞会, held each December, raises money for Sarah’s...女性的绿洲, which provides a welcoming space for women looking for temporary housing, 社区, 和安全.

  • At 手工制作的假期, 学生, 工作人员, and 教师 show off their crafting talents and sell their handiwork as holiday gifts.

  • St. Kate’s highlights the year’s student achievement with a reception and formal program at the 荣誉及颁奖典礼 五月初.

  • 露珠防喷器 celebration is held on the last day of classes, and features carnival rides, 音乐及娱乐, 还有美味的食物!

学生 gather and study on the third floor of the CdC student center

的 凯瑟琳之心 student center is 首页 to the information center, student organization center, 咖啡店, 自助餐厅, 图书馆, 和更多的. 






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Student Center and Activities Office Hours 
周一至周五,上午9点.m.–5 p.m.